The beginning of the end

Finally the first semester is finishing, and as always we are going to say goodbye with a video, but no an usual one, is a remix of all the things we have learn in the class of multimedia this semester. We can see the  five shot video in ping pong or table tennis as do you want to call it, others with different points of view, as we can try to give a first person sensation, and you can see it at the pool scene.

I expect that the next semester we will be reporting more about sport and of course all the activities that will take place in the American University of Bulgaria, and practicing all the different options to interact, make posts and promote with other social platforms as Facebook and Twitter, using of course 5shoot, soundcloud, moviemaker or premier… that Melody have teach us.

I have to say thank you to all that people that help me in the videos as interviews or cameras, and of course all of you that read this blog. See you soon.

I want to give thanks because had been a very fun blog, I had the opportunity to write about one of my favorite activities, sports, searing opinions with different people of a lot of countries, and learning different ways to promote my hobbies and show all I want with very easy applications.

But  for finish and as a personal thinking and idea, and speaking about the situation of Spain, a lot of times we give too much importance to football or sports, and we have to think by our ones that if is normal all the money that this world moves, a lot of times we forget to think about things that are more important that any sport, but we can´t see it because we give too much importance.


We will came back with more sports

The semester is in its last days, means that multimedia class its going to finish to, but is not the final of the blog, I will try to keep studying the different sports, and asking people of the different countries I visit or know. As I say we are next to the end of the semester and Christmas, and in AUBG the sport season is finishing, this means that the football tournament have to prepare the final, at the moment they are at quarter finals. A long this semester we have narrate you the different activities like table tennis tournament, which was celebrated the past week with a very high level and dedication.  And we can’t forget the basketball tournament and the volleyball championship.
But don’t worry, the next semester came the AUBG Olympics and more sport activities for sure.

I wish to all readers a very funny and happy Christmas holidays, and as goodbye and see you soon, I let you a remix video with all the work and post of the blog.

Billiard, sport or hobby?

Billiard is a game of strategy, planning, especially accuracy and skill, qualities that necessarily have to have an athlete to practice this discipline. At present there are few sports lovers, who demonstrate their skills with the cue on a pool table and some chalk.

In AUBG we can see a table in the Skapto 2, but the material is in very bad conditions, the balls are too old and have little holes, the table is not stable and the stick don’t have cue, what makes the practice of this sport very difficult. But this is not very strange if we thing that never you see a student playing in AUBG, so renewing the billiard is not a good business.

In the other hand, in the center of Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria, we can found a playing center, with American Billiard among other things, and always that I have go there is someone playing this sport, and in general with a very good level.

The FIFA Puskas award nominees started

The FIFA Puskas award nominees started

The FIFA Puskas award nominees have been announced, what will win?

This is an exercise for learning how to do Storify. and I choose this subject because is the newest sport news.

  1. The FIFA #Puskas Award nominees have been announced! See the list of the ten best goals from the last year –
  2. The ten-strong list for the Puskas Award also includes strikes from Neymar and Di Natale. Which is your favourite?
  3. Luka #Modric believes Cristiano #Ronaldo deserves to be mentioned alongside #Madrid greats Alfredo Di #Stefano and Ferenc #Puskas.
  4. Neymar nominated for the FIFA Puskás Award for the fourth time in the last four years.
  5. The ten-strong list for the Puskas Award also includes strikes from Neymar and Di Natale. Which is your favourite?
  6. Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s brilliant overhead goal for Sweden is among the 10 contenders to win the 2013 FIFA Puskas

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Ping Pong, an olympic sport.

Today we are going to speak about ping pong, not the most popular sport, but a sport that have her presence in the Olympic Games, were the best players normally are from Asians countries, like China and Japan.

But the ping pong give an advantage to be more popular and reach more players, this is the little space that do you need for play, you can have a table of ping pong in your garden, this make that a lot of people know how to play, only for fun.

For example, in Bulgaria, more exactly in the American University in Bulgaria, situated in the city of Blagoevgrad, in her three student residence, called Skaptopara, have at least one ping pong each. And always you can find someone playing, and know the sport center of the university have organized a tournament of this sport, were all the students that want to play can join in a single or team competition.

Here I let you a video of amazing ping pong points:

The origin of Sports Around The World


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In the first classes we start learning how to use WordPress, how to create a user, to modify the theme, to decorate in relation to our chosen topic, in this case sports. And the final product of this first part is sports around the world.

The second thing we had done is to make an interview and how to uploaded to internet through, and make posts inserting this audio records directly from the page. The first example of this is the post named About the blog, were we had recorded our own speaking about the topic and our motivation to do that.

The next step was to complete our blog with the social pages, as Facebook and twitter to support our blog and make possible to arrive to more audience. So we know how to create the users, make personal changes in the themes and how to make good tweets with some general rules.

Going further in this course we star learning how to use Audacity to edit the records and how to put music over de records and interview. But we didn’t finish here, we star to work with Moviemaker and Youtube edit for making videos with the 5-shoots rule.

Other thing that we have learn is how to make photo galleries to make more visual our post, for this we use the own slide show of, the first slide show I make it about the AUBG soccer championship, with photos of one of the matches.

The last thing we learn to do is how to make a poll, that is a very good option if you want to interact with your followers. For this we use the same blog that give you the option easily to make it right.

The final combination of all this we can see it in the last posts in Sports around the world, about Gareth Bale, player of Real Madrid.

The Injury of Gareth Bale opens a debate on the fans of Real Madrid.

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After the last injury of Gareth Bale, player of the Real Madrid football team and being the last signing of this world known team, and being the most expensive player of the history, above Cristiano Ronaldo, the player have open a debate between the club and all the fans around the world about the success of the signing, and considering the huge amount of money he cost. At this moment, all the sports diaries of the world, specially the British and Spanish ones. The principal point of this debate is if the club should be signed this player knowing their physical limitations.

Here I let more information of this news:

After advice from this supporter of Real Madrid, it becomes clear that the scope of this problem is bigger than it looks and can bring turbulence to the management team,  to the players and the fans. You can give us your opinion by making the poll that you find next.